One kilogram (2.2 lbs) of Black Perigord truffles can sell for $4000.00 and up depending on the current season’s harvest.

One hectare planted in truffle trees can produce 30-40 kilograms of truffles per year and up to 60 kg in mature truffieres (truffle plantations).

Worldwide climate change has resulted in unpredictable harvests throughout the truffle growing areas of Europe, leading to efforts to cultivate truffles in other areas. Duckett Truffieres’ 2007 truffle harvest on Vancouver Island marked Canada’s first harvest of the elusive Black Perigord Truffle, T. Melanosporum. Markets remain high in Western Canada providing immediate buyers for any available product, while ongoing commercial “guaranteed constant delivery” awaits long-term establishment of many “old growth sustaining truffieres”.

Duckett Truffieres: Leading Canadian Trufficulture

Duckett Truffieres have, in controlled semi-sterile conditions, developed a successful process of germinating, inoculating, and raising host truffle trees for Canadian truffle production. The inoculum used is Certified Black Perigord imported under strict controls from France.

The edaphic (soil) and climatic truffle growing requirements of T. Melanosporum can be met in many areas of the lower mainland of British Columbia, Vancouver Island, the Pacific Northwest and the Niagara peninsula of Ontario.

A well-prepared and tended truffle plantation should be ready for the first truffle harvest within five to nine years, as is typical for any fruiting orchard. With the inoculum first imported in 2003, the developing maturity of Duckett’s truffiere has now yielded steadily increasing harvests of larger and more plentiful truffles for ten harvest seasons.

Duckett Truffieres produces trees inoculated for truffle production and Ducketts breed, train and use Lagotto Romagnolo truffle dogs to sniff out the unique scent of mature truffles.

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2014 Cavage (truffle hunting) begins with family checking the soil ph readings (a requirement for fungal performance), root analysis in lab for T. Melanosporum colonization and refreshing Lagotto truffle hunting skills, paying particular attention to the overall health of the truffiere.

Canadian Black Diamonds, mined just below the surface!

Join us in this new and exciting Canadian agricultural frontier.

Hardy BC seedling trees inoculated with certified phytosanitized T. Melanosporum Black Perigord are available for purchase!

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