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This Lagotto Conformation Standard by Beatrice Duckett is an excerpt from the Judges Handbook,
 "CKC Conference For Licensed Conformation Judges, Vancouver B.C. 2012".
For details on the Presentation please visit lagottoromagnoloofcanada

Kennel Club

Ducketts at Lagotto Romagnolo of Canada are proud members of the Canadian Kennel Club and celebrate the Club's historic milestone of 125 Years of strong tradition, rich heritage and unwavering advocacy for purebred dogs.


Canadian Bred, Raised and Trained Working Lagotto Dogs


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Checking for Truffle Maturity

Ducketts at our Lagotto Romagnolo of Canada Kennels were thrilled to view National Geographics documentary called “Museum Secrets”, explaining our Truffling Lagotti with points of training for the truffle hunt (cavage)


History of Lagotti

The Lagotto Romagnola is an ancient working breed, originally used for water retrieval, that developed in the Romagna area of Italy. They are believed to be the hereditary source of all current water dogs. When their marshy home area was drained in the mid 1800s they slowly lost their water retrieval function and gradually became specialized as truffle hunters. Lagotto Romagnolo were near extinction as a pure strain when specific efforts to revive and define the Lagotto breed began in Italy in the mid 1970s.

The breed is now clearly defined and these wonderful dogs are now bred in Europe, Australia, the United States and Canada. Ducketts Lagotto Romagnolo of Canada are among the very few bred and raised in Canada.

Lagotto Breed Characteristics

Some of the most important and appealing characteristics of Lagotti are:

  • Their personalities are bright, happy, affectionate, loving and obedient with a fervent wish to please their masters;
  • They have keen senses, particularly smell. With many generations of being bred for searching for things it is not surprising that they are the primary breed of dogs used for truffle hunting and are known world-wide as "Lagotto Truffle Dog". They can also be trained to hunt for other scents;
  • Lagottos are known as a breed that is "non-shedding" and anti-allergenic, making them great dogs for people with allergies and sensitivities.
  • Very agile, robust, and intelligent - they are easily trained in both search and helper areas;
  • Devoted to their families and excellent with children, Lagotti are proving themselves as assistance dogs;

WORKING LAGOTTO ROMAGNOLO Dogs at Duckett Truffieres

Contessa, The Queen of Canadian Truffle Dogs

Imported from Italy in 2007 by Ducketts, Contessa showed true working form by finding Canada's first Black Perigord Truffles at Duckett Truffieres in winter 2007.

IMG_3787_2.jpeg Throughout the past 10 years, Ducketts' and Crew at Lagotto Romagnolo of Canada/Duckett Truffieres, have globally searched for the best conforming Lagotto they could find for their lineage of Working Lagotto.
Today, they are proud to lead the revival of this ancient pure breed in Canada, with some of Europe's most outstanding Champion Lineage, as Ducketts presented to the CKC/CDJA Educational Conference under exclusive request along with The Lagotto Conformation Standard 2012.


DCK Angelus mei Florian, son of Can Trace Champion Cesare, has won honorary role, JE Clear, Registered with conformation and Vet Health


DCK Senso de l lle d'Ogoz, son of Champion Laggotterie Baltico-Jip, will join our Breeders Corner in 2014, JE Clear, excellent conformation, Vet Health Certified.

DCK Angelus mei Faluna wins everyones heart, Faluna is daughter of Champion Can Trace Cesare, Breed Standard, JE Clear, Vet Health Certified.


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All breeding dogs at Ducketts undergo rigorous screening for breed characteristics, conformity to standards, intelligence and ideal personality and are tested for any hereditary birth defects such as juvenile epilepsy and hip dysplasia.

Shortly after birth Duckett’'s Lagotto pups are checked thoroughly by a veterinarian and placed on a strict custom veterinary protocol. The puppies are raised according to this protocol and provided with a Licensed Vet Health Certification prior to purchase. Duckett’s Lagotto guarantee is provided by and completely within the scope of this Vet Health Certification, with conditions limited to this Certification.

In addition all Lagotto Romagnolo pups whelped at Ducketts are:
  • Routinely groomed, handled and socialized with humans and other dogs;
  • Vet checked from shortly after birth through at least eight weeks, including complete physical examination, administration of deworming and first immunization shots;
  • Micro-chipped for identification;
  • Completed with Registered Sire/Dam Records.

Being a rare ancient breed, Lagotto Romagnolo are of limited availability globally. Should you wish to purchase a puppy or dog of this distinguished breed we ask for your completed application in order to reserve a pup. Once your application is received you will be placed on our waiting list.

Click here to Download Puppy/Dog Application Form.

A deposit is required to reserve a Lagotto Romagnolo well in advance of delivery. Deposits are placed on Applicants file toward their final cost of a confirmed puppy/dog for a 2 year period, at which time deposits are forfeited. It is recommended to apply for your Lagotto as soon as possible for demand is high for Ducketts premium lineage.

Because the Lagotto breed are such gentle and quick learners with strong noses and a keen desire to please they have been identified as an ideal breed to train for some of the highest need areas of assistance dogs. For example there are urgent needs for individually custom trained dogs for specific patients with Autism Spectral Disorder (ASD) and for Alzheimer's patients.

We are researching this area with certainty that more dogs capable of filling these needs are urgently needed. If you are interested in maintaining the breeding potential of your dog it is important that we know that when you purchase your pup so the best future sire or dam is chosen. We also require a Breeders' Agreement in order to waive neutering or spaying.

If you are interested in contributing to a program to identify, train and supply specialized assistance dogs to people with special needs please contact us.

More About the Lagotto Breed

The breed, Lagotto Romagnolo, is now an accepted Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) breed, under "Sporting Dogs", and is open for showing in events in Canada. Ducketts were privileged to present the new Lagotto Breed Standard in Canada to the CKC/CDJA Educational Judges Conference in 2012. Lagotto Romagnolo of Canada conformation guidelines were presented by Beatrice Duckett. To learn more about Lagotto Romagnolo of Canada and the breed specifications go to the Lagotto Romagnolo of Canada website.

The Italian Lagotto Club (website in Italian) and the Lagotto Club of America (English site using Italian Club info) offer a detailed history of Lagotto Romagnolo dogs.

The Canadian Kennel Club also has the breed specifications for show and the common characteristics of Lagotti.

Animal Planet also has an excellent video on the Lagotto Romagnola Breed describing their wonderful traits as working and family dogs.


Now offering lagotto at varying stages of training, and ages – all are Registered,
Micro-chipped, Vet Health Certified, including 1st 3 immunization shots, Champion Lineage, JE Tested.
Available for a limited time; Breeding Foundation Stock of excellent Health Protocol/Show Quality.

“The Lagotto Walk”, Canada’s 1st to celebrate Lagotto Day, August 4th, was attended in volume numbers of Breed Standard Lagotto.


Contessa, the proven working Lagotto Romagna truffle dog who found the first Black Perigord Truffle ever harvested in Canada at Duckett Truffieres
Lagotto Romagna truffle dog Etrusian Queen, aka Duchess
Dexter - a male sire and working Lagotto truffle hunting
Duchess nurses  her new Lagotto Romagnolo puppies
Working Lagotto Romagna pups ready for their new homes
The hunt for truffles begins with well trained noses
The hunt for truffles starts at daybreak in the clean uncluttered air
Training and reinforcing the scent in a logotto romagnolo truffle dog
Ducketts Lagotto in the Hunt known in Europe as the cavage

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